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S1E14 – Janet and Dave on Herbalism for Preparedness

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Episode Notes

The guests provided us with some resources:

Herbal first aid aftercare for those who have experienced police violence:

Seed, Soil and Spirit: an herb school for QTBIPOC and allies with social justice framing:

Rootwork Herbals: an online and in-person school:

Excellent free foundational herbal medicine resources from Jim Macdonald:

Introduction to herbal medicine book from Rosemary Gladstar:

Herbal first aid wound care from 7song:

Free online herb school with the late great Michael Moore:

This is an herbal respiratory infection protocol. Good for the upcoming flu season:

Youtube channel with educational herb and gardening videos from Joe Hollis at Mountain Gardens:

Ideas for an herbal first aid kit. Make your own!

Learn about Bidens, a weedy and abundant herb that works wonders on serious infections:

Indigenous perspective on relations with plants: Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer:

How is our individual health tied to that of our communities, our society and all of life on Earth? Read about Radical Vitalism:

Herbs for grounding in turbulent times:

Herbs for when you are freaking out:

Ease Your Mind: Herbs for Mental Health

Under Pressure: Herbs for Resilience

On the radical potential of herbalism: Using the elements as a map through the ever-changing and increasingly challenging territory, for individuals and movements: You are Nature: Working with the Elements for Change:

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S1E13 – Robert Evans on another US Civil War

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Episode Notes

Robert Evans can be found on twitter at
Some of his podcasts (which can be found wherever you listen to podcasts) include Behind the Bastards, It Could Happen Here, The Women’s War, and Worst Year Ever.

Margaret Killjoy can be found on twitter at
Her patreon is at

S1E12 – Kitty Stryker on Disability and Prepping

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Episode Notes

Kitty can be found on Patreon at
and twitter at

Her five-day preparation article:

Margaret can be found on twitter at
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S1E11 – Mixæl Laufer on open source medical chemistry

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Episode Notes

In this episode I talk with Mixæl Laufer of the Four Thieves Vinegar about their work offering access to medications that are sometimes unavailable. We discuss their work on the epi-pencil, the open source apothecary microlab, aboritificants, naloxone, and other wet chemistry drugs as well as offering some introductory information about how people extract hormones, insulin, and thyroid. We also talk a good deal about what it would mean to live in a world in which access to life-saving and life-improving medicine is actually accessible.

Mixæl Laufer can be found on twitter at
The Four Thieves Vinegar Collective can be found online at
The open insulin project, referenced in this show, can be found online at

S1E10 – Paul on Body Armor

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Episode Notes

This episode covers what demonstrators might want to know about wearing body armor. We cover the types of armor, how to source them, how to fit armor to different body types, what you can and can’t skip for cost savings, and more.

If you choose to wear body armor, we recommend IIIA level vests for soft armor (bulletproof vests) or level III+ for hard armor (plate carriers). Soft armor is substantially lighter and more convenient, but only protects against handguns.

We are not advocating for escalation, only for individual and community defense and for our ability to continue to demonstrate as safely as we can.

S1E9 – Kai on Wildland Fire

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Episode Notes has some online training for firefighting. is for basic home hardening / prep is a directory of folks working on fire resilience in various areas has all the prescribed burn associations in California

S1E8 – Bex on Responding to Gunshot Wounds at Demonstrations

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Episode Notes

Bex has compiled this list of supplies and where one option of where you can source them:

IFAK Build 🦇
Current lowest price per kit: $95.25
(This doesn’t include tax, shipping, or bag/pouch for the kit)

CAT Gen 7 (1)
available from NAR, Chinook, Rescue Essentials, etc

ETD (2)
4″ flat, $7/each:

Chest seal (2)
Hyfin twin pack, $15/pair:

Hemostatic gauze (1)

ChitoGauze z-fold, 3″x4yd, $32/each (on sale)

Celox rapid Z-fold, 3″x5′, needs med auth to purchase? $34/each

QuikClot combat gauze z-fold, 3″x4yd, $43/each

Sharpie (1)
Staples 12 pack, $8/12 on sale (.66/each)

Gloves (2 pair)
Nitrile exam gloves size L, $13/100 (. 52/kit)

Shears (1)
7.5″ stainless Shears, $3/each

Zipper bag for gloves (1)
“sandwich size”, $3.50/50 (. 07/each)

S1E7 – Gas Masks and Goggles

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Episode Notes

I’ve spent most of the past two months researching police weaponry and how to stay safe while challenging state power. In this episode I discuss gas masks, respirators, goggles, and filters. My guest for this episode is Jack, my bandmate in the band Alsarath ( ).

Much of this information can also be found in the article A Demonstrator’s Guide to Gas Masks & Goggles, published by CrimethInc:

S1E6 – An Introduction to Off-Grid Life

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S1E5 – Paul on the Autonomous Region of Northern Syria

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You can donate to the fund for US medical volunteers returning from Syria here:

I recommended the podcast Worst Year Ever’s episode The Reasonable Person’s Guide to Prepping and you can find that here:

For gear lists I recommend