Podcast Episodes



S1E50 – This Month In The Apocalypse

Episode Notes Episode Summary For this This Month in the Apocalypse episode Brooke, Margaret, and Casandra all researched different topics and discuss them. Margaret talks about climate collapse, droughts, floods, wildfires, the cost of wheat, and the dangers of rising humidity for wet bulb temperatures. Casandra talks about Monkey Pox, rises in other viral and […]


S1E49 – Andre on Solar Power, DIY Internet, Mesh Networks, and Solar Punk

Episode Notes Episode summary Andre and Margaret talk about a lot of things. They talk about recycling/reusing/remelting plastics, turning them into fuel, setting up solar power systems, setting up DIY internet, intranets and mesh networks as well as some concepts dealing with solar punk and hydroponics, and of course how most things can be easily […]


S1E48 – Paige on Composting

Episode Notes Episode summary Margaret talks with Paige, who works in composting and humanure systems, about how to set up systems for disposing of food and human waste, different kinds of systems that can be used including worm composting, and the importance of thinking about the scale and purpose of your system. Guest Info Paige […]


S1E47 – This Month In The Apocalypse with Margaret, Brooke, and Casandra

Episode Notes Episode summary In this new monthly segment, members of the Strangers Collective discuss current events as they relate to community preparedness. If you’re watching the news and wondering what’s going on with inflation, supply chain shortages, the heat “wave”, or Q’anon talking about space lasers and the black holes that are causing all […]


S1E46 – Four Thieves Vinegar Collective on The Promise of DIY Pharmaceutical Abortions and Drugs for Long Covid

Episode Notes Episode summary: Margaret talks with Mixael from the Four Thieves Vinegar Collective about access to different medical technologies, biohacking access, and how the medical industrial complex complicates that. They talk about the importance of being able to audit medical access and ways you can build medical infrastructure in your own communities. They talk […]


S1E45 – Margaret and Casandra on “How To Get Started Prepping…Or Getting Prepared”

Episode Notes Episode summary Margaret and Casandra talk about some of the basics of preparedness and how to get started even if you don’t have a lot of money or skills. They go through their lists of things they always consider when preparing for crises, whether that be a natural disaster, “the bomb”, food shortages, […]


S1E44 – Mo on Grand Juries

Episode Notes Episode Summary: Mo, a criminal defense/movement lawyer with the National Lawyers Guild, talks about how Grand Juries are used by the State to destabilize communities, and what your options are for resisting them if you are issued a subpoena. Margaret and them talk about the importance of not cooperating with Grand Juries and […]


S1E43 – Elle on Threat Modeling

Episode Notes Episode summary Margaret talks with Elle, an anarchist and security professional, about different threat modeling approaches and analyzing different kinds of threats. They explore physical threats, digital security, communications, surveillance,and general OpSec mentalities for how to navigate the panopticon and do stuff in the world without people knowing about it…if you’re in Czarist […]