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S1E13 – Robert Evans on another US Civil War

I talk with journalist Robert Evans, host of Behind the Bastards, It Could Happen Here, The Women’s War, and Worst Year Ever, about what could happen with another civil war in the USA, plus how we find ourselves and each other through protest and direct action.

S1E12 – Kitty Stryker on Disability and Prepping

I talk with Kitty Stryker, author, anarchist activist, queer femme, Juggalo ethnographer and leftist doomsday prepper located in the San Francisco Bay Area, about disability and prepping.

S1E11 – Mixæl Laufer on open source medical chemistry

I talk with biohacker Mixæl Laufer about open-source medical chemistry, including the epi-pencil, naloxone, abortificants, insulin, hormones, and thyroid as well as how to enable DIY access to medicine and what it would mean to live in a world in which access to life-saving and life-improving medicine is actually accessible.

S1E10 – Paul on Body Armor

I talk with Paul, an experienced combat medic, about bulletproof vests and plate carriers for demonstrators.

S1E9 – Kai on Wildland Fire

I talk with Kai, a queer wildland firefighter, about preparing for and fighting wildfire, plus how capitalism and colonization set the stage for the current crisis.

S1E8 – Bex on Responding to Gunshot Wounds at Demonstrations

I talk with Bex, an anarchist street medic in the PNW, about how to respond to gunshot wounds at demonstrations.

S1E7 – Gas Masks and Goggles

I talk with my bandmate in Alsarath, Jack, about police weaponry and how to stay safe from chemical weapons at demonstrations. Specifically, I talk about gas masks, respirators, goggles, and filters, how they can help keep you safe, and what kinds are best.

S1E6 – An Introduction to Off-Grid Life

I answer your questions about off-grid life and small-scale solar power.

S1E5 – Paul on the Autonomous Region of Northern Syria

I talk to Paul about the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (NES), which was formerly called Rojava. As a brief aside, I talk about why prepping can be a pro-social, community-minded, mutual aid activity and philosophy, and recommend Robert Evans’ podcast The Reasonable Person’s Guide to Prepping.

S1E4 – Aine on Isolation, Loneliness, and COVID-19

I talk with Aine from the Jane Addams Collective about how to to deal with isolation, loneliness, anxiety, mental health in general during the COVID crisis.