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S1E31 – Guy on Heat-related Illness

Margaret talks with an experienced wilderness first aid trainer and guide heat-related illness with an experienced wilderness first aid trainer and guide about heat exhaustion, heat stroke, dehyrdration, and more importantly, over-hydration.

S1E30 – Parks on Disaster Relief

Margaret talks with Parks from Appalachian Medical Solidarity about disaster relief, what kinds of medical interventions are often needed after a disaster, and how to both respond to and prepare for them.

S1E28 – Liza Kurtz on Disaster Studies and Elite Panic

Margaret talks with Liza Kurtz, a phd student in disaster studies, about how class and other antecedent conditions make people vulnerable to disasters. They also talk about elite panic, the idea that the people who are most invested in the system are the ones who panic in times of crisis.

S1E27 – Kylie on Aquaponics and Small-Scale Food Forestry

Margaret talks with Kylie about how she designed her backyard aquaponics setup and how she developed a small-scale food forest in the front yard of her house.

S1E26 – adrienne maree brown on Emergent Strategy

Margaret talks with adrienne maree brown about Emergent Strategy.

S1E25 – Cici and Eepa on radio

I talk with Cici and Eepa from the Javelina Network about communicating across the globe using autonomous radio.

We’re All Preppers Now

We’re all preppers now. Whether we want to be or not. It’s hard to think about, but we’re just in the opening credits to the apocalypse movie. As I write this, we’re in the calm before the storm. This is your moment to get ready. We can get through this. Remember: most people survive the collapse of their way of life, most of the time. The end of the world isn’t always, or even usually, the uh… end of the world.

S1E24 – Philip on Security Culture

I talk with Philip about security culture: the idea of creating a culture of security so that activists and revolutionaries don’t get caught.

S1E23 – Dibs on Fitness for Every Body

I talk with Dibs, a personal trainer, about fitness for the apocalypse or revolution and how fitness works for people with different relationships to their body, such as hormones, disability, etc.

S1E22 – Walidah Imarisha on Envisioning the Future

I talk with historian and author Walidah Imarisha about how we use our imaginations to direct our action and about why we need a world without police and prisons.