S1E72 – Penumbra City Playthrough


This time on Live Like the World is Dying, we’re talking about something crucial to surviving the apocalypse: playing games with your friends. And Killing God Kings. That’s right, we have an actual play recording of us playing Penumbra city, the TTRPG that we’ve been working on over at Strangers for…a very long time. We are sharing this session of us playing the game in order to get you excited about our KICKSTARTER for the game, which is currently live. Right now! Unless it’s no longer June 2023. So, before you listen to this recording go to


Join a Doggirl, an Occultust, a Rat King, and a Patchworker as they investigate a string of disappearances including someone’s missing date. 

Find your friends. Live like the God King is dying.

We will have a normal Live Like the World is Dying episode out this week as well.

Guest Info

Margaret Killjoy: World Designer. On Twitter @magpiekilljoy or IG @MargaretKilljoy
Jamie Loftus: Host of Ghost Church. On Twitter @JamieLoftusHELP of IG @JamieChristSuperstar
Bea Flowers: The Voice of Penumbra City. On IG @Crimebrulee
Robin Savage: Game Ilustrator on IG @Missrobinsavage
Inmn Neruin: Game Designer on IG @shadowtail.artificery


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Our Kickstarter for Penumbra City can be found here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/penumbra-city/penumbra-city


The Host is Inmn Neruin. You can find them on instagram @shadowtail.artificery

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