S1E60 – This Month in the Apocalypse: Feb. 2023

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Brooke, Casandra, and Margaret talk about the war in Ukraine and how Russia is not doing great, the train derailment in East Palestine, anti trans bills, Adderall shortages and meth, the return of Big Chicken, long covid as potential auto immune disease, further bans on abortion drugs, drought, floods, earthquakes and the US’s top priority: shooting million dollar missiles at balloons.

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Margaret can be found on twitter @magpiekilljoy or instagram at @margaretkilljoy. Casandra is just great and can be found at Strangers doing awesome layouts, and Brooke can be found on Twitter or Mastodon @ogemakweBrooke.

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A special episode will come out next week on March 17th on Surviving the Justice System.


This Month in the Apocalypse: Feb. 2023

Brooke 00:15
Hello and welcome to Live Like the World is Dying, your podcast for what feels like the end times. This is the February-March installment of our segment, This Month in the Apocalypse and I’m calling it the February-March episode because we’re recording in February and we’re talking about February but you’re going to be listening to it in March, most likely. I’m Brooke Jackson, and with me today, as usual are the quick thinking Casandra and the fast acting Margaret Killjoy.

Casandra 00:38
I don’t know if that’s accurate.

Margaret 00:42
Or at least fast talking sometimes, especially when I’m hyper. And today I’m hyper

Casandra 00:46
half of what I’m going to talk about today is brain fog and how it impacts me.

Brooke 00:51
Nice. Well, before we get into today’s episode, we’d like to share a little something something from another one of the swiftly streaming podcasts on the Channel Zero network of anarchist podcasts.

Casandra 01:17
And we’re back. Cas, Margaret, how are you feeling today?

Casandra 01:51
I just had my first sip of tea.

Margaret 01:55
I have been doom scrolling so hard that I didn’t sleep last night because of all the anti trans legislation. So I didn’t sleep enough and then I ate a protein cookie and pretended like it was food. So I’m great.

Casandra 02:07
And you don’t do caffeine at all. Not even tea.

Margaret 02:09
No, yeah, a bunch of sugar and protein in a cookie form is my equivalent of like making me immediately hyper.

Casandra 02:18

Margaret 02:19
Because I don’t fuck with caffeine. I’m straight edge, except for alcohol.

Brooke 02:24
Well good, you should take all that energy and tell us some things.

Margaret 02:29
Oh, okay, right. I’m first. Okay, February has been a big month for the apocalypse. The Apocalypse is coming in hard with a bunch of mostly really bad shit. I think that the biggest story, or whatever, the earthquake that happened in Turkey and Syria was really fucking bad. Everyone probably already knows this. As of when I’m recording it, the death toll stands at about 50,000 people in Turkey and Syria. Those numbers are still expected to go up. And a lot of it has to do with poverty and with buildings that are not built to withstand earthquakes. This is happening in a poor region. And that is absolutely affecting everything. I don’t have as much information about that to relay, but I just feel like it’s like the single most…like now I’m going to talk about the fucking balloons and I hate the fucking balloons. And I want people to know that like the earthquake is more important. But on February 14th, I think, I don’t remember, I wrote on February 14, but you think I’d remember that was Valentine’s Day. A surveillance balloon, there’s a Chinese balloon and the US shot it down. It was a really actually big balloon and it probably included some surveillance equipment. China was like, “It’s civilian.” The US is like, “No, it was military.” I’m not stressed about it because I expect the US government is surveilling me and I don’t really give a shit if some other country…whatever, I don’t fucking care. It may have been capturing cell transmissions and shit over the US. But then, of course, this sets off this like massive paranoia, where everyone’s like, “Balloons are trying to get us. Those Chinese balloons.” And the US like scrambled….

Brooke 04:20
I always knew it was going to be balloons. I’ve always said it, the balloons are coming for us.

Casandra 04:22
Doomsday mechanism.

Margaret 04:26
I mean…

Brooke 04:27
it’s the balloons. Clearly.

Margaret 04:30
They are creepy. Actually. This is funny, my my dad is phobic of hot air balloons. I’m sorry to reveal this about you, dad. And because he was always like, “No, they’re just there. They’re on the horizon. They’re creepy.” Like he’s not afraid of being in that. He’s afraid of them like on the horizon.

Casandra 04:46
One of my most traumatizing childhood moments was this hot air balloon show was like going over the neighborhood and I was spinning in circles staring upward watching them as one does and forgot that my mom had a whole like row of rose bushes. And then spent the whole afternoon having like rose thorns picked out of my ass. So, that’s all to say that I don’t think your dad’s insane.

Margaret 05:10
Yeah, so the US government scrambled a bunch of fighter jets to shoot down a whole bunch of other balloons, all of which, like the government is like, “We do not believe that they are surveillance balloons, but we don’t know.” And the reason that they’re saying we don’t know is because, well one they obliterated tiny balloons with missiles. So there’s like, not a lot left. There’s like like half a million dollar missiles being shot at these fucking things, one of which missed. They missed a fucking balloon over Lake Huron, and then it like, fell into the lake. And they’re like, “No one was harmed.” And I’m like, great, I feel so fucking good that the government is shooting missiles at the US. That makes sense. And so probably those balloons are like amateur weather balloons, like people like do this, where you’re like, I’m gonna get a balloon and like, put a bunch of equipment on it and send it up into the sky. And it’s cool, right? And because you can like see the stuff. And so fortunately, the US government is there to protect us against amateur weather and radio fans.

Brooke 06:11
You know, you know, our friends over that other podcast have been saying we should nuke the Great Lakes. So I think this was just a trial run to…

Margaret 06:20
Fuck, Robert Evans is like actually the one that got them to shoot missiles.

Casandra 06:24
Cancel Robert Evans.

Margaret 06:25
Yep. All right. Yeah. Or he’s a prophet.

Brooke 06:32
That’s what I was gonna say,

Margaret 06:34
Speaking of Prophets, but actually, in both mench versions of that word, there was a massive disaster on February 3, in East Palestine [rhymes with Springsteen], Ohio, because it’s not pronounced Palestine [rhymes with Stein], in which a train carrying a bunch of toxic shit had overheated wheel bearings, and derailed. It passed like a bunch of sensors that were like, detect overheated stuff. And then like on the last one, it was like, “Hey, you’re overheating,” and then it crashed. This overturned 11 Toxic cars at a…a bunch of more cars overturned, but 11 of them were full of toxic chemicals, including vinyl chloride, but also a bunch of other shit. 115,000 gallons of vinyl chloride, were let loose. And then they were like, “Slright, well, we better set the shutter on fire,” I’m not actually even going to like talk shit on the fact that they set on fire. It might have been the best thing that they could do in that circumstances. There is a lot of stuff that is implying that the government and you know, Norfolk Southern and all that are like downplaying the degree to this disaster. It is a massive disaster, it is a big fucking deal. And the people involved should be held accountable. And there’s like, all kinds of stuff about how a lot of the deregulation and of course, you know, the fact doesn’t help that Biden like stopped a railroad strike for better safety conditions, because that’s mostly huge part of what people are striking for. And they absolutely are like, the numbers are trending upwards. They’re like, “It’s not a big deal.” And they were like, “Hey, there’s a bunch of dead fish.” And people were like, “There are 4000 dead fish.” And they had a very specific number. It might not have been that number was like 300, 800, 3,850, or something. As of this morning, when I double checked, they’re up to 43,000 dead aquatic animals. That’s 10 times the previous claim. I understand why people are skeptical of these claims. They’re probably not forever chemicals. These are the sorts of chemicals that will break down. However, no one knows the long term effects of the exposure that people have already had to these chemicals. And it’s fucked up. Norfolk Southern stock has dropped, but not as precipitously as you would might like. It’s not even as low as it was last October, just like took a dip. So buy the dip, everyone go out and buy….don’t do this. Don’t go out and buy stock. Okay, that’s what I know about that. Other people might know more about it.

Casandra 08:56
Oh, I was just gonna say that….

Margaret 08:57
Next. Okay go ahead.

Casandra 08:58
I was just gonan say that the EPA seemed pretty like, firm with them, which I appreciated. It wasn’t the response I expected. Oh, were you wagging your finger at me? Or like…they were like.

Brooke 09:12
I was being the EPA. Yeah. Because we’re in a point of visual medium here, right with a podcast. So, everyone can see me doing that.

Casandra 09:19
I watched the recording and the guy was like, “If y’all don’t do this up to our standards, we will do it and then bill you and not just like, you’ll get the bill, but we’ll bill you a certain number of times the amount that it actually cost us as a penalty.” Yeah, it’s something I don’t know.

Margaret 09:37
I mean, that’s good. Yeah. Oh and then the other thing, when I when I lead with the transition of Prophets in both sense of the word. About a week before this disaster, I watched the Netflix movie “White Noise” based on the 1980s novel called “White Noise,” in which a toxic chemical train spill it In East Palestine, Ohio happens and fucks everything up. And it fucks with my head, just straight up. It fucks with my head that I watched a movie about a natural disaster and then… not a natural disaster, a manmade disaster. And then a week later, it happened in the same town of 5000 Fucking people. Or 4000 people.

Casandra 10:20
Maybe, you’re not a prophet, maybe actually. Your brain just determines all of reality.

Margaret 10:29
Oh, no, I’m not a prophet. No, no, no, no, I don’t think this is me.

Casandra 10:31
I think that what happens in your head is then what happens in the outside world. That’s more plausible.

Brooke 10:39
Yeah, that seems right.

Casandra 10:40
So, don’t think anything….

Margaret 10:42
This is a really good thing to tell someone who lives alone.

Brooke 10:46
I mean, it clearly anyone who reaches a certain level of podcasting, fame then develops a power to cause things to happen. Yeah, that’s what we’re saying here.

Margaret 10:57
Good to know. And then everyone lived in a happy anarchist society for all times in which everyone was equal, except Margaret was a little bit more equal and got like twice as much tea in the morning.

Casandra 11:06
You don’t like tea. We just went over this.

Margaret 11:10
Yeah, well, I shouldn’t have more of something I want. That would be fucked up.

Casandra 11:14
This is the like weirdest Catholic version of anarchist Utopia I’ve ever heard of.

Margaret 11:23
Hi, I’m Margaret Killjoy. Alright, so it’s speaking of other bad shit that happened this year, or actually, well, okay. The thing that happened in February is is the one year anniversary of the Ukraine war. As currently stands, it’s fallen out of the news, which means that no one is dying anymore, and everything is fine. Except that…

Brooke 11:47
PBS still does it. So to just throw a tiny amount of credit over there. But yeah…

Margaret 11:54
Yeah, well actually it’s funny because people will talk mad shit about mainstream news and for good reason. But like, overall, I think mainstream news is a little bit better of a job than like Twitter at like, staying attached to stories over time, rather than just like chasing the clicks, which is fucking saying something because that is what mainstream news was notoriously bad at. I just think social media is even worse at it. On the other hand, it’s not the job of the random Twitter person to….Okay, so, the Ukraine war is largely out of stalemate. As stands Russia holds 17% of Ukraine, an area twice the size of Italy. It’s less than they controlled at the beginning of the war by a decent amount, and specifically, almost all their holdings are in the east. And it’s been like slowly being chipped away at overall is kind of the general thing. Most foreign fighters left after a few months, it went down, there’s 20,000 foreign fighters, mostly like vets of various other countries who are like, “Well fuck an invasion.” And a lot of people were like, I think actually a lot of people were like, “Well, I fought in all of these like evil US wars, because they have like worked for the US government. Here’s a just war,” and people went like chasing a just war, right. It’s down from about 20,000 foreign fighters to 2000 foreign fighters as the war drags on. China is calling for peace talks right now. And more might have happened by the time you hear this, like this is like news from yesterday and today, and their position is…like I mean overall they’re trying to present themselves as neutral, but like overall they’re like, “This is a war of Western aggression.” You know? “This is a war of you know a Ukraine shouldn’t dress like that if it didn’t want to get attacked.” They’ve four times abstained….Thank you for laughing at my off color joke. And yeah, I mean, because that is what it comes down to this idea of like, we had to invade you because you are getting too close to our borders with your power or whatever. Like, you can’t fucking justify invading another country for that reason.

Casandra 14:03
They’re opposing US imperialism, Margaret.

Margaret 14:06
Yeah, they do.

Casandra 14:07

Margaret 14:10
Yeah. Yeah. And that’s China’s position. They’re with the US tankies. Or rather US tankies are with them. They have four times abstained from voting in the UN votes to ask Russia to withdraw its troops it’s possible also that China’s like trying to get in….and this is like everyone. This is the actual imperialism from my point of view about all this is everyone calling for these peace talks a lot of it is that they’re like they want in on the economic reconstruction aka they want like their economic interest in the capitalism to to do their thing just to China it’s slightly more state capitalism in the US it’s slightly more..

Casandra 14:46
China’s not capitalist Margaret What are you talking about?

Margaret 14:48
Oh, right. Sorry. I Forgot. They want to bring their peoples army… and I Love that It’s like the tankies pretending that Russia is fucking commie…anyway. The number of Russian soldiers Ukraine is killing is going up, which, you know, whatever, fuck them. 824 Such Russian soldiers a day are dying in Ukraine in February, which is the highest rate since the invasion started. Between 180,000 and 270,000 Russians have died in the war in the past year. And for comparison, Russia is this huge place. And we think about like how Russia just like, bled people during World War II, you know. Russia is only half the population of the United States. And so this is…so when you think about percentage wise, if you think about, it’s like, you know, the equivalent of half a million people dying in one year in a dumb fucking war. About 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers have died. They claim that 13,000 of their soldiers have died. Vaguely neutral observers from the outside of claims that 100,000 have died, which is like, their, their like, kill rate, oh, God, I’m not even going to pretend to put this in video game terms. That’s fucked up. And also another 30,000 or so civilians, Ukrainian civilians have died. Like directly, tons more displace. Everything’s fucked up. It’s war. I haven’t been able to get a recent number for the total number of arrests in Russia. But, it’s like worth really understanding how much a lot of Russians do fucking not want this to happen. There were 15,000 people arrested protesting against the war and like the first month of the war alone, and there’s thousands more at various other times, but I wasn’t able to find a total count. And, you know, in case anyone needs any reminding that nationalism is garbage. between half a million and a million Russians have fled, rather than be conscripted and fight in this stupid fucking bullshit. And 200 or so Russians are actively fighting for Ukraine. There is no out good outside guests. That is a guess from one of these Russian fighters. And they all have different reasons. I am aware of their being Russian anarchists. I was not able to find more information about that. Most of the anarchists that I know from other countries I think are more involved in directing solidarity goods, except for Belarus.. A lot of anarchists fighters in Ukraine. Anyway, of the 200 or so fighters, the the one I was able to find the specific motive for he’s is doing as his Christian duty to stop invasions. And let’s see, okay, almost done with the Russian war thing. Dutch intelligence reports that Russia is mapping power and gas infrastructure in the North Sea for potential attack. This came out like yesterday. So who knows what will happen with that. And then it’s also kind of worth knowing there’s like all of these, like anti war rallies happening around the war around the world. And most of them are like about trying to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine, right? They’re like, “Hey, this war is fucked up, aka Russia is fucked up.” But in the US, we get a different kind of anti war movement, we get an anti war movement that’s a weird collection of tankies and Nazis…

Casandra 18:20
Margaret, that never happened!

Margaret 18:21
…coming together like a Molotov-Ribbontrop Pact to say stop the war machine.

Casandra 18:28
Stalin is the whole reason…..

Margaret 18:34
Yeah, no, I know.

Casandra 18:38
The reason the Nazis were defeated soley was because of Stalin, therefore, you know, the Soviet Union never never ever could have allied with the Nazis, even though we have historical records that it did blah, blah.

Margaret 18:53
Yeah, like at the beginning, Russia was like, “Hey, allies, can we hang out with you, Germany’s looking real weird.” And the allies were like, “I’m not sure.” And so then Russia was like or USSR was like, “Hey, Nazis, can we hang out with you? We know bad shits about to happen,” and they were like, “Yeah, but totally,” and the USSR sent them tons of aid, just literal material, tons of aid. And collectively, they mapped out which countries they were going to invade together and they invaded Poland together…It’s Poland. Am I getting that right? And then, Germany was like “JK, surprise attack.” And then the USSR was like, “Okay, we’re against you.” And then fucking millions of Russians died to defeat the Nazis and that needs to be understood and respected. But like Stalin was like making them…there’s like, reports from survivors…This is totally what this episode is about. There’s like reports from survivors who were like forced to charge Nazi tanks bare handed. And so like, the high numbers of Russian dead wasn’t because Stalin ruled. The high numbers is because Stalin fucking sucks. Anyway.

Casandra 20:08
And there’s also the whole like, the line that like the USSR saved with the Jews or whatever, when, which was just like totally. Anyway, we won’t talk about how Jews were treated in the USSR.

Margaret 20:23
When they signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact….Yeah. Anyway, USSR is not modern Russia, but there’s an anti war movement. So that’s okay. That’s Ukraine. Now, the trans laws, the thing that has me up all night. Yesterday, I believe the Tennessee House passed a bill. And now this was misrepresented. And I accidentally misrepresented this too, because I trusted a Twitterer who trusted a news article from a mainstream source that, okay, a Tennessee House did pass this bill. And by the time you’re listening to this, probably their fucking Senate and Governor have signed off on it. But the article was like, “And now it goes up to the governor.” It doesn’t it goes to the Senate first. And a lot of really shitty laws passed the House, but not the Senate in like, any given place. So there’s like, still hope. But I’m not full of fucking hope because a lot of these types of laws are passing right now. The type of law I’m talking about, this is an anti drag law. And these anti drag laws are similar ones proposed around the country and all the details are a little bit different. But the overall idea is that if anyone who is a male or female impersonator, AKA a crossdresser, aka, me living my fucking life, or a drag performer, if they perform, and if it’s like, in any way, like…some places it’s just like literally if they perform, or exist in public, and another one’s the Tennessee laws a little bit like, and they perform in a way that has any kind of like, sexual titillation, or whatever then that has to be the venue that is now a strip club legally, or like, needs to be a like 18+ adult entertainment, cabaret or whatever the fuck

Casandra 22:15
Like who’s deciding if something’s sexual?

Margaret 22:19
Uh huh. And it is. First cops, then judges, Two groups I trust to the bottom of my….nothing.

Margaret 22:35
Or the parents who call the cops.

Brooke 22:41
Don’t forget about he mob.

Margaret 22:42
Yeah, no, totally. They’re the first step in it. So that is the literal criminal criminalization of being trans in public.

Casandra 22:45
Yeah, there are nine anti trans laws on the books right now in Oregon. Yeah.

Margaret 22:52
Yeah. There’s 14 other states with similar anti drag laws in the works, including Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, and Idaho. And I just didn’t find the full list, I found people like a couple different places giving like short versions of the list. South Dakota did just pass a law like not just the house or whatever, but like it’s fucking signed, that forces trans youth to detransition. And Utah passed a law against trans youth also, very recently, or against allowing trans youth to transition. But, I don’t believe it forcibly detransitioned. I believe that this one in South Dakota is the first one to force detransition, which from my point of view, pretty much means that trans…families with trans children who can’t afford to move are going to have their trans kids run away or kill themselves. Just like, frankly, I am not recommending. I am recommending if you’re a trans youth to in a place that is affected by this to get in touch with community to try and help you and your family get out of that situation. That is what I’m directly recommending. But, the the reason that doctors believe in gender affirming care for trans youth is that it lowers the rates of death substantially. Oklahoma is currently considering a bill to ban gender affirming care to adults, anyone under the age of 26.

Brooke 24:22
Fucking Oklahoma.

Casandra 24:22
I can’t remember which bill i was reading, but I was reading about one that was worded in such a way where gender affirming care also ended up including things like hormones for ciswomen dealing with menopause, like it was so broad sweeping that like, I just don’t think people consider the broader implications. You know what I mean?

Margaret 24:41
I don’t know whether this one was that one, but I…it wouldn’t surprise me and I feel like people pass laws like that all the time. And then just like, no one’s going to actually stop cis women from accessing hormones from menopause, you know, or like, you know, people dealing with prostate cancer often take hormones and you know, testosterone blockers and things like that, and like…All the shit is overbroad, like crazy, but not in a way where I feel like oh, it’s overbroad, and it gets struck down like no, it’s gonna get targetedly used against trans people against, the Left. And 5% of US people in the US who are under the age of 25 identify as trans or like nonbinary in some way, compared to point .5% of the rest of the population as a whole. And I would like to…don’t make me tap of the sign of the that graph of chart of left handedness as a chart of left handedness. Like once they stopeed. Once they started letting people be left handed, it goes up and caps itself, you know. And every major medical association in America recognizes that gender affirming care for youth saves lives. That is not a…I assume everyone listening to this already knows the shit, but it’s like worth fucking knowing. This is not a like, medically contested issue. You know, this is like, and I’m not like, “Man, you know, who I trust immediately, the medical institution, they always have our backs.” But, they do in this case, because they’re not fucking… Oh, God. That’s what I’ve got to talk about this week.

Brooke 26:20
Jon Stewart did a good piece that was on gender affirming care that maybe everyone’s already seen, because it was a little while ago, but was, you know, citing those…Just what you’re exactly what you’re saying, Margaret about every every major medical organization in the US.

Margaret 26:38
And honestly has been one of the only cispeople I’ve seen talking about it in public. The silence from cispeople has been deafening. And if your cis and listening to this, I’m hoping that if you’ve been silent about it, I’m hoping that the reason you’ve been silent about it, is because you’re afraid of taking up too much of the conversation. Because we do have this way of talking about social issues right now, where people are afraid to talk about issues that don’t directly affect them. And I think that that is a misstep. And that it will take cis people talking about this angrily, before anything will change. Because, when it’s just trans people, and sometimes their immediate families who are showing up to protest, everyone’s going to be like, “Well, fuck those pedo whatever,” fuck, whatever. Fucking bullshit, you know. So from my point of view, part of the reason this keeps me up at night is not because the Nazis want to kill me, they’ve wanted to kill me for a long time, they’ve sent me letters to this effect, with like, my parents address in it, you know, it’s that when I don’t feel supported, is when I feel the most lost about all of this stuff, just frankly. And so sometimes like that support is like, like, “Margaret’s guide to being supportive to your trans friends,” is like, like, sometimes, like random people messaging me to be like, “I see you, you’re valid.” I’m like, that’s great. I don’t I don’t need that from strangers. What I need from strangers is for people to talk to the people, they’re around and say shit about this, you know, I have a, I know I’m valid. I have a supportive family. And I have a supportive network of friends and all of that, you know? Yeah, sorry, this is…I mean, all of these things that we’re going to talk about are big deals. But you know, this one affects me very directly.

Brooke 28:45
Oh, no, I appreciate you saying more about it, because I was gonna ask follow up questions about like, you know, showing support and good ways to do that. So thanks for talking about that.

Margaret 28:55
Be fucking angry. Like, you know, and it’s like, and this stuff like, it’s also all part of misogyny. Like, because people want to control people’s bodies. And so transmen are affected by this because they’re, like, leaving womanhood behind and that’s bad or whatever. And then of course, transwomen are like, the reason that people don’t want us to exist is a weird protect the women thing, right? And so like, when cis women are loudly like, “No, I would rather have this transwoman in the bathroom with me then like I don’t know someone who’s like peeking under stalls to make sure no one has a penis.” Like people being loud about that kind of support. There’s this brilliant video of thus person who I believe is a cis woman who’s like getting gender policed by a Karen in a bathroom.

Casandra 29:47
I saw that

Margaret 29:48
And refuses to answer whether or not she has a dick. Yeah, it fucking…that gives me hope. So, I like.

Casandra 30:00
That’s like reverse Karen.

Brooke 30:02
I just bookmarked that so I can watch it after

Casandra 30:05
We should start a Nazis know our parents’ address club.

Margaret 30:17
And then like…it’s funny I try not to talk too much about my family on this podcast, I guess, but then again the Nazis already know where they live. Like my dad’s fucking ex marine with anger management issue who loves this trans daughter? How’s do they think this is gonnna go?

Casandra 30:35
I mean, my situation, my parent’s would’ve been like “Whatever.”

Margaret 30:41
Yeah, okay, fair. I’m sorry.

Casandra 30:43
Okay, who’s next?

Brooke 30:48
Okay. Can we talk about happier things?

Margaret 30:54
What podcast are on?

Casandra 30:57
I genuinely can’t remember who’s next. Is it you, Brooke?

Brooke 31:03
Allegedly. Although, if it’s something you have segues better for, I’m all for it. I had a good segue from the war thing. But then we then we start talking about the trans issue and I don’t know where to go from there.

Casandra 31:13
I think the world is shit. There are lots of them. They’re diverse, shitty things to talk about, you know?

Margaret 31:18
Well, and even the war thing, it’s like, you know, what, Ukraine is fucking holding on a year later. That is a fucking positive story. It is a terrible, horrible story. But they’re still fucking there. You know, like people thought Ukraine wasn’t going to be a country by last summer.

Brooke 31:36
That’s a really good point. Well, speaking of war, wars, the war on drugs. Drugs. Adderall. I did it you’re welcome. We did a, I think our August episode or something like that we did a roundup on like shortages, things that were in shortages. And I know we talked about Adderall at one point and being in shortage and why. And that started like last summer sometime I think August or so it was when people started talking about it. The FDA or DEA, I can’t remember which one it was that came out with the announcement. I think the the FDA came out like late October and said, “Hey, we have an Adderall shortage.” And everyone said, “We fucking know we’ve been dealing with with this for two or three months now.” And it’s gotten worse than it’s been in the news again, recently, because of just how much worse it has gotten. We talked about it previously, we talked about some of the reasons why the shortage was happening. And part of it is a production issue. It’s a very controlled substance. So, it’s not like manufacturers can just start pumping out a whole bunch more. And not just like the creation of the Adderall. But the ingredients that go into it are controlled substances as well, so they can only make so much of that. Allegedly, there’s enough supply of the base ingredients that we shouldn’t have this shortage. So….

Casandra 33:10
Sorry, I’m stupid about Adderall, is it it because meth. Is that the….? Okay, sorry.

Brooke 33:18
That’s where I’m going with this, but yeah, that’s that is that. That is part of the reason it’s such a controlled substance, because Amphetamine is, you know, main ingredient, it’s it’s people often refer to Adderall as being, you know, legal meth, or prescribed meth.

Casandra 33:33
I know nothing. Wow. That’s wild.

Brooke 33:42
So, there have been some reports of folks that haven’t been able to get their Adderall and have, in fact, turned to meth in order to get the substance they need, and there’s not a good sense of how like widespread this is, versus, you know, a couple of instances that hit the news, you know, there’s at least one story of somebody who died in an ER, because of meth. And they said they were taking the math because they couldn’t get their Adderall prescription. And, you know, meth, you know, historically causes no problems to the brain and doesn’t make people say things that are wacky and untrue. So we can trust that story. But, that’s what’s happening. But, the fun conspiracy theorh where I’m going with this that’s floating around is that the government is purposely restricting the manufacture of Adderall to force people to turn to meth to perpetuate the war on drugs. So there you go. Conspiracy theories are fun.

Margaret 34:43
Wait, So this is a new conspiracy. Okay. How the balloons tie in?

Casandra 34:48

Margaret 34:49
Is that where moving it? They’re getting the Adderall out of the country?

Casandra 34:52
They’re delivering it. If we would have let them come in farther, they would have just released it because everyone wants Adderall.

Margaret 34:58
Oh, yeah. That’s sort of true…the part where everyone wants Adderal.

Casandra 35:03
I do not.

Margaret 35:06
Yeah. No, I don’t want Adderall. I’m hyper off a cookie.

Brooke 35:12
That’s part of the issue is that the prescriptions for Adderall increased 27%. From 2019 to 2022. There were like 35 million prescriptions in the US, which is a fuck ton, in 2019. And then it went up to like 45 million by 2021 or 22. And I mean, shocker. Everybody’s stuck inside with a pandemic. Like we overprescribed, that are all for sure. And I and that is not to say there’s not people who genuinely need it out there. And I don’t mean to bash anybody’s use of of that prescription. But you know, one of the articles that I was reading they, you know how news reports like to pick a human interest story to tell their story, they were talking about this 16 year old female in Utah, who’s like in all of the AP classes, honors classes is getting ready for college and how stressed out she was and obsessed with perfection, and she couldn’t get all her stuff done. And then she got an Adderall prescription. And, and now she’s able to get all her homework done, and she’s acing all their classes, and it’s ready for college and blah, blah, blah. And it’s like, well, yeah, I mean, you just gave her gave her amphetamines.

Casandra 36:36
I feel like there’s a misuse potential. Like, the people I know, who have ADHD and take Adderall, it doesn’t impact their system that way, you know. And I also think there’s a certain, I see this with autism as well, there’s a certain amount of like, like the left handed thing that Margaret brought up, you know? Like, it might seem like, it might seem like an undue spike, but I’m sure a large percentage of that is people who are finally getting care they need.

Margaret 37:12
And then also, like, I think about it because I came closer to seeking medication for ADHD than I ever have. And what it was for me is that I built my entire life around the fact that I have ADHD, there’s a reason that I’m a freelancer, there’s a reason that I, you know, I travel, there’s a reason I work for myself. Like, there’s all these things that I’ve done, that have made ADHD not a problem in my life, right. But actually, the beginning of the pandemic, it made it more of a problem. It made it harder for me because like, I had to sit in my cabin and work on a computer in order to eat food, and stuff, you know, and so like, and I don’t thrive in certain environments, and so I was like, “Man, if I had something that helped me thrive in this environment.” So.

Casandra 37:56
Which then makes me wonder, like, how much of that need is attached to Capitalism, you know, lthe ike productivity. So? Yeah.

Margaret 38:04
Oh, yeah. No, totally. I mean. Totally. I had a day job for a minute.

Casandra 38:10
Sitting in a cabin alone with….That sounds like my dream.

Margaret 38:16
I know. Well, I was fine until the day job. Awesome.

Margaret 38:24
Okay, so,

Brooke 38:25
Again, I don’t want to like bash anybody that’s taking it. I don’t know. I don’t want to say that there aren’t legitimate reasons that some of those people didn’t need it. But, we we do know that it’s overprescribed, that you take you know, young people who are high achieving, and we’ve got them overscheduled and fucking Capitalism.

Casandra 38:41
Oh, everyone, I knew in college was….Adderall all the time.

Brooke 38:46
Yeah, just give them drugs. So, that’s part of the problem. Anyway, the DEA is trying to get you addicted to meth. x

Casandra 38:59
I thought it was the FDA.

Margaret 39:02
And that’s why they’re shooting down balloons.

Brooke 39:06
No, it’s the DEA because that’s the Drug Enforcement Agency. They’re the ones trying to perpetuate the war on drugs and they have something to do.

Casandra 39:14
I hope people know when we are and aren’t being sarcastic.

Margaret 39:22
I hope so too. But I’m not optimistic.

Brooke 39:27
Never take me seriously. That’s my answer. I have one other fun conspiracy theory thing. Okay, it actually came up right after the end of our last recording and it was kind of a bummer. We didn’t get it in there. But, it’s about chicken feed.

Casandra 39:46
Big Chicken!

Brooke 39:47
And chicken feed conspiracy, that something is….Yep, Big Chicken. Not and not Tyson. Not that evil chicken, but it’s actually a big big fooder you may have heard of this brand called Purina?

Casandra 40:01
Dog food.

Brooke 40:02
Are pretty well known for creating pet food. Yeah.

Margaret 40:05
They feed cats.

Brooke 40:06
But they also make more industrial feeds like chicken feed and guinea pigs and goats and I don’t even know the full extent of their thing, but they make feed for a lot of different kinds of animals. And people started reporting in July last year that their chickens and this is industrial level and you know, household people chicken in the backyard kind of people, crazies like me that their their egg laying productions seem to be going down. And then going through the winter, a lot of a lot of people have talked about their eggs production from their chickens being at or very near zero, which I also have been in this boat for a while my my four girls were not laying any eggs. And it wasn’t an old chicken issue, like they’re, they’re young, and they just started laying this last summer. And yes, production goes down in the winter, that’s normal, but doesn’t usually just completely drop off. So, people were posting about it on social medias and talking about it and started forming this conspiracy that there’s something wrong with chicken feed, Purina mainly because they’re one of the biggest suppliers not just under their name brand, but their sub brands as well. And that something is missing in the chicken feed that’s causing them not to lay as well. And then lots people saying “I switched to another brand, I started mixing my own,” blah, blah, blah. “And suddenly my my chickens are laying again.” And as much as I hate conspiracy theories and don’t want to feed into it, I have to say that I also was having the same issue of zero egg production. And then I grabbed a protein blend from a different brand and started mixing that into their feed and getting eggs.

Margaret 41:49
That doesn’t have to be a conspiracy. They could have just fucked up.

Casandra 41:51
Honestly, people have reported that they’ve had their feet tested. They’ve had their Purina tested and it contains the appropriate amount of protein. So there’s like, at this point a month later….I’m sorry, I was the one who brought this up because I was I raise quail. And so I’m on, I don’t know, poultry, social media. Yeah. Anyway. But yeah, so apparently people have gotten their feed tested, and it has the appropriate components, so now they’re like, “Is there something added to it?” That’s the new conspiracy.

Margaret 42:27
Well, I know what, I know what the problem is.

Brooke 42:29
Morgaret has the answer.

Casandra 42:32
Okay, good.

Margaret 42:32
Yeah, I watched this….No, it’s not gonna be the answer. No, I watched this documentary called All Quiet on the Western Front on Netflix last night. And in it, the Imperial German soldiers, while they’re occupied France during World War One, there’s they’re breaking into farmers yards and stealing the eggs. And so it’s actually. It’s actually Imperial German soldiers are breaking into everyone’s yards and stealing quail eggs and chicken eggs.

Brooke 43:10
Oh, okay.

Casandra 43:12

Brooke 43:12
There are a lot of other factors that genuinely influence chicken, like production, like the amount of light and the temperature. And, you know, our light levels are not particularly off. They’re low this time of year, like always, but it definitely has been a little bit colder on average this winter here for us, though. My mother…Hi, Mom, I love you was like you need to put a heating light on your chickens and they’ll lay more which I did for a month and it didn’t affect anything. Although that was also after one of those snows that we had too.

Casandra 43:44
Can I telll you one of the more wingnut versions of this I’ve heard?

Brooke 43:47
Yes, please.

Casandra 43:48
And who knows. But, the most like, you know, puppet master version of all of this I’ve heard is that Purina partnered with some giant egg company that I can’t remember the name of right now, who just opened a whole bunch of, starting last fall open several massive like egg production facilities. So, it’s in Purina’s best interest to add something to the feed so that our chickens can’t lay eggs. And that’s why egg prices are through the roof. And now you have to buy the eggs and it’s just ohhhh. Yeah.

Brooke 44:26
Yeah, that’s the other thing that’s feeding into the conspiracy theories I was gonna wrap this up with.

Brooke 44:29
Sorry. I’m taking…

Brooke 44:30
No, you’re fine. It’s perfect. Perfect segue. Excellent. Yeah. Is the prices going up on eggs is all feeding into conspiracy and you know, people not thinking about food prices in general have gone up and we feed chickens food things. And yeah, anyway, what Margaret?

Margaret 44:48
Oh, just there’s some, I was reading today, that there’s some guesses that we might have hit peak food inflation, specifically around eggs and meat. Because basically, no one can get enough money…because you can’t sell eggs at a certain…the way cap, the market works, you know, you can’t sell it at a certain amount, so fewer sell or whatever. And so wholesale egg prices have started dropping. And as of when the article I read came out this had not yet hit retail egg prices. Because people probably are like, Well, alright, I can buy them for cheap and sell them for just as much Fuck yeah. But wholesale egg prices are starting to drop and meat prices are also starting to drop on a wholesale level, because inflation reduced the profit.

Brooke 45:39
Okay. Well, the one upside, so that’s sorry…..

Casandra 45:48
I think there’s something about Purina feed, and we don’t know what and that’s fine. And that people seem to be switching feeds or making their own and it’s fine. I mean, there might be but like, I don’t really care personally, I’m like, I just want my quails to lay eggs.

Margaret 46:07
And it’s just not a conspiracy. They’re just fucked up their food.

Brooke 46:09
Right. Yeah, there’s other complicating factors. It’s not maybe not just this one thing. Like, yeah, you know, we hear where Cas and I live have had a colder little bit colder winter than average and that’ll slow down production. I don’t know for the US as an entirety but you know, just an example.

Margaret 46:25
Well, there’s there’s that saying “Never never attribute to incompetence. What can be understood…” No, wait. I know something isn’t…It’s Goddamnit “It’s not malice. It’s incompetence.” It’s more likely that it is incompetence than malice at any given thing that’s happening.

Casandra 46:49
I mean, yeah, it’s like very experienced people who are having this issue, like there’s something, there’s something wrong, right?

Margaret 47:05
Oh, that’s what I mean about…sorry, I don’t mean incompetence of the chicken keepers. The chicken lords.

Brooke 47:10
That is what we call ourselves, Margaret, chicken lords.

Margaret 47:12
I mean, the incompetence of Purina. The…like Purina fucking up the feed is probably because they fucked up the feed, not cause they’re like, “hahaha.”

Brooke 47:25
I mean, it’s entirely possible Purina switched to cheaper, lower quality components to create their feeds because of inflation.

Casandra 47:31
It’s not incompetence if it’s a giant company. Yeah.

Brooke 47:35
There’s something in that. The one upside of….

Casandra 47:40
Root cause. Okay. Yeah.

Brooke 47:42
There you go. Nice.

Margaret 47:44
Yeah, it might be greed instead of malice.

Brooke 47:45
Let me just say the happy thing.

Margaret 47:46
What’s the happy thing? What’s the happy thing?

Brooke 47:50
Is that people have turned to other feed sources. So, instead of supporting the big giant mega Corp, they’re supporting smaller ones, like I reached out to a local person who’s making their own blends. And I’m going to start using some of that. People have learned how to create their own blends and feed their things, which I think it’s always great to get away from the industrial manufacturers. So…

Casandra 48:11
I don’t know how to jump from chickens to this….

Brooke 48:17
Chickens. Avian Flu. Flu. Sickness. Bad. Long COVID.

Casandra 48:24
I raised quail because I’m allergic to chicken eggs, cause autoimmune disease. Did you know long COVID is kind of like an autoimmune disease?

Brooke 48:32

Casandra 48:35
Do either of you know anyone with long covid?

Brooke 48:37

Margaret 48:39
Yeah, part of the reason I don’t leave the house, not because I have it, but because I’m terrified. I mean, I’m making rational decisions around safety.

Brooke 48:48
I’m worried I’m having it.

Casandra 48:52
Oh, well, maybe maybe this will be easier. When I when I first heard about it. So, some of the symptoms I’ve heard include fatigue, brain fog, difficulty breathing, joint pain, chest pain, general like lower quality of life, gut issues. When I hear that list, I’m like, oh, that’s, that sounds like my autoimmune disease. And sure enough, they’re realizing that long COVID does have a lot in common with an autoimmune disease. I don’t think they’re classifying it that way. At this point, like the research is ongoing, but it’s just really interesting to me. So apparently, something like 11% of people who get COVID-19 will have long COVID, which lets you one study in “Nature,” I read said up to 65 million people are suffering from on COVID, which is apparently a 10th of the number of people worldwide who have had COVID. So , 1 in 10 people is kind of a lot. Yeah. And suddenly, you know, folks at the beginning of COVID, who were calling it, a mass disabling event make a lot more sense.

Brooke 50:01

Casandra 50:05
This is terrible and funny. I read a tweet where someone said “People went on about herd immunity. But now we have heard autoimmunity.”

Brooke 50:12
Oh, it’s funny and awful

Casandra 50:17
It is. Sorry, I’m laughing at that because I have an autoimmune disease. I think I should offer that context. So, populations impacted: Apparently 4% of folks with long COVID are under 12. Aside from that about a third are people under 50. Another third are 50 to 60. And then another third are people above 65. So it is impacting people who are our age.

Brooke 50:44
You can’t have three thirds and four percent.

Casandra 50:47
I said, in addition to that. Or after that.

Brooke 50:51
Okay, sorry. Math. Just slap me.

Casandra 50:53
I read so many studies to cobble this all together. Don’t judge my numbers. It’s more…I say that to bookkeeper. It’s more predominant in transgender folks and women, which is also true of autoimmune diseases. 75% of people with long COVID where never hospitalized. 75% of those people have not sought medical help for long COVID. And there’s also an assumption that a lot of these numbers are actually higher, because we all know how reporting has gone down in and how healthcare is expensive. And if people don’t have to go to a hospital or a doctor, they won’t, you know.

Brooke 51:35
Is there anyone out there that still saying long COVID doesn’t exist? Not like the you know, extremists but like, mainstream for a while was like long COVID is made up? It’s not actually happening. Is that still a common thought? Or is that finally going away?

Casandra 51:50
I don’t know how common it…so this is all really curious to me because I have an autoimmune disease and because last month, January 2023, two different studies came out about Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which I also have, and how it increases the likelihood of long COVID. And when that study came out, I started to see a bunch of people talking about long COVID and low dose Naltrexone being a useful approach, which is a medication I take, which I cannot get prescribed by a regular doctor. Because they deny that it’s a useful immunomodulator. Like remedy. And that’s all to say that like, I think I’m hypersensitive to the disbelief around these things. And one of the reasons this if fascinating to me. Yeah, one of the reasons this is fascinating to me, is because it’s opening up these conversations about these diseases that patients have been talking about for years, and have not historically been believed.

Margaret 52:56
Often as a symptom of misogyny, right?

Casandra 53:01
Yeah, Totally. I don’t know anyone who has, you know, something in the spectrum of chronic illness who hasn’t gone through, like literally years of doctor saying it “Doesn’t exist,” or “You don’t have it.” Or “It’s not that bad.” Like, I had to call my doctor and inform her of what I had, like, based on my labs, because she didn’t tell me. And so now there’s this like, sped up process around long COVID, right, where like, so many people are getting sick all at once that like, there was the disbelief and other people downplaying it. But like, research is catching up at a faster rate, it seems like, which has implications for the broader community, which could be positive. Even though it sucks that how many, how many millions. 65 million people….

Margaret 53:52
Well, it’s like mRNA caccines, like, it’s fucking cool, that we’re suddenly able to get vaccinated for so many more things than we used to. And it is absolutely fucked that it took this…It took so many people getting this before people were like, “Oh, maybe it’s just not like the modern version of hysteria,” the whiny woman disease or whatever, you know.

Casandra 54:20
Yeah. Yeah, I mean, I think there’s….up until very recently, if you walked into a doctor and were like, even if you had a what’s the word I’m looking for, not a prescription when they tell you what your… a diagnosis, from a previous doctor saying “I have chronic fatigue,” or whatever. It’s highly likely that your new doctor will say that doesn’t exist. But now, suddenly, the only word…it’s like the only words that they have to describe long COVID are these words like chronic fatigue and autoimmune disease? So, suddenly they have to like view them as legitimate. But studies are coming out in these like, major scientific journals like “Nature.” “JANA,” what’s the other one? I was reading? Whatever, science. So people are taking it seriously. And that’s, not exciting because I wish it didn’t exist at all, but is good.

Brooke 55:27
Yeah, the friend that I have.

Casandra 55:28
I have a whole. Oh, go ahead.

Brooke 55:30
Oh, just the friend that I have that has long COVID he has faced a lot of that struggle with this belief. I think he got COVID earlier on, or at least not recently. And yeah, definitely has faced a lot of like disbelief and extra hurdles and trying to advocate for himself and get the kind of care that he needs.

Casandra 55:54
Yeah. And it’s, it’s I think maybe people need to understand how severe it can be. Because the umbrella of long COVID, my understanding, like, you know, they’re still actively defining this term, but my understanding is that it’s people who have at least two symptoms, at least, I think it’s two months after the acute infection goes away. But for some people that can be so debilitating that like, they need walkers, or they need you know, it’s life altering. Yeah. And I read one study that said that, as many as 4 million people are unemployed, because of long covid, which is a whole other conversation around, like, what counts as a disability in this country? And what doesn’t? Like I remember when I was first diagnosed with my autoimmune disease, and was way less functional than I am now. I was like, “Why? Why would I not qualify for disability?” And the answer is that there are a lot of bureaucratic reasons, apparently. But yeah, who knows, maybe that will change too.

Brooke 57:04
Part of it’s because…part of the bureaucracy is that they can’t take away the designation once they’ve given it. So, they don’t want to make it too easy to label you disabled, because then you don’t, you don’t get to go back from being disabled.

Margaret 57:22
Or we could just not means test care. And anyone who needs care, could just have care.

Casandra 57:31
We don’t think you’re sick enough. Do you want to hear some more interesting statistics?

Brooke 57:39
Always. Give me numbers.

Casandra 57:42
Yeah, I know Brooks excited. So, a study in Germany recently found that people who get COVID have a 30% or had a 30% increase in risk of autoimmune diseases up to a year after their acute infection. So, there’s active comorbidity there. And the people who go into COVID having an autoimmune disease, have a 25% increase in their chance of contracting additional autoimmune diseases. But that’s all significantly lowered if patients are vaccinated. There’s a like crunchy version of autoimmune communities where people are antivax.

Margaret 58:26
Oh, that’s why you’re making angry eyes as soon as you….

Casandra 58:30
Well, so these statistics are particularly important, right?

Margaret 58:35
I’m mad that there’s been a Lyme vaccine that they just didn’t finish studying. I could be wrong about this. I don’t remember all the details. I read a pop science article about it. But there’s like a…there’s been a Lyme disease [vaccine] that they can give to dogs, but they just didn’t finish studying it and people. And it’s been around for like 20 years.

Brooke 58:54
That’s infuriating.

Casandra 58:55
I don’t live in Lyme country. So it’s not like as big an issue here. But that’s wild.

Margaret 59:00
I got Lyme in Oregon. Like, where you live. But, and I and I live in fucking Lyme country and I’ve never gotten Lyme over here.

Brooke 59:11
Wow. Yeah. Got some anyway, family in Idaho that, about 15 years ago, were battling Lyme and one of them had it since he was a teenager.

Margaret 59:23
I want to fucking Lyme vaccine. It’s like, I think people who play D&D are going to be smarter around risk analysis, because anyone who’s played D&D knows that 5% chance of something happens means it’s gonna happen. Like…

Casandra 59:37
Yeah, eventually.

Margaret 59:39
Yeah, exactly. And because you’ve had that happen over and over again, when you play this, and you also realize that anything that you get, that’s like, a plus 5% safer, you always take it, right, like, and the vaccine is like a 90% safer, and people are like, “Ah, people still get sick, so therefore it’s bullshit,” but Like, if the vaccine made you 5% safer, and you play Dungeons and Dragons, you’ll take it.

Casandra 1:00:05
It’s actually, it’s 10%. It’s 10% safer.

Margaret 1:00:09
Wait, what is?

Casandra 1:00:11
If you’re vaccinated….

Margaret 1:00:13
Oh, about the autoimmune stuff. Okay.

Casandra 1:00:15

Margaret 1:00:15
I was thinking about like COVID itself, but yeah. Yeah.

Casandra 1:00:21
I just like kind of fantasy of my high school stats class actually being taught through D&D and like, maybe I would have understood math.

Margaret 1:00:27
Yeah, it like, it’s, yeah, you understand probability a lot better if you like, regularly….

Casandra 1:00:33
You’re actively practicing. Yeah. Yeah. Um, what else do you want to know?

Margaret 1:00:43
About long COVID?

Casandra 1:00:45

Margaret 1:00:46
I was hearing that….It…For most people does taper off. Is that being understood? Or is that like, like not to be like, therefore it’s fine, but just like, less of a like, “Oh, God, my life is over. This thing has happened,” or whatever. Like, I was under the impression that people….not that it should…people should feel like their life is over, even if they get it bad. But like, not that it’s…

Casandra 1:01:17
It’s not debilitating?

Brooke 1:01:18
It’s not permanent.

Margaret 1:01:19
It’s not necessarily…it’s not necessarily permanently debilitating to everyone who gets it and that it like a lot of people it’s about a way slower getting better, but not everyone some people it’s about a permanent effect. But that other people are like recovering just very slowly. Is that? Am I completely off? I’ve no idea.

Casandra 1:01:40
I’ve heard that empirically. But I didn’t find a study that like….I found studies acknowledging that for some people after a few months, they get better. Like even if they started out with long COVID, symptoms will get better, but I didn’t actually see numbers about…and I think part of that is that it hasn’t been long enough.

Margaret 1:01:57
Yeah, totally.

Casandra 1:01:58
And even if…so, so I keep comparing this to an autoimmune disease, but they haven’t actually said like “This is in fact an autoimmune disease,” you know, there are people who say it’s because of mast cell activation there are people who say it’s actually a neurological issue, like they’re still figuring it out. But if in fact it it does function like an autoimmune disease you would need years to see how it actually impacts people because people might have a slower recovery and feel better and then you know, their immune system could be triggered by something and they’ll get sick again. So yeah, we just don’t know.

Casandra 1:02:33
That makes sense.

Brooke 1:02:36
So I might not be fatigued and coughing forever is what you’re saying? Maybe.

Casandra 1:02:42

Brooke 1:02:45
Okay, that’s good.

Casandra 1:02:46
But if you are people are researching the efficacy of low dose Naltrexone

Brooke 1:02:51
And I’ll get my brain back. Maybe.

Casandra 1:02:54
I’d say some percentage of it.

Margaret 1:02:57
Have you tried yoga?

Casandra 1:03:02
You’re actually not supposed to do stretching flexibility things with Ehlers Danlos, that’s the antithesis of what you’re supposed to do. So, no.

Margaret 1:03:14
I hope that as we talked about, people not being able to tell when people are being sarcastic, I hope that I manage that tone.

Brooke 1:03:22
Okay, but I need yoga for my PTSD. Now I’m lost.

Casandra 1:03:27
You could just try the breathing exercises.

Brooke 1:03:30
Okay. Meditation that’s the one universal good.

Casandra 1:03:32

Brooke 1:03:33
Maybe. We’ll see the sleep disorder.

Casandra 1:03:38
I feel I feel like what we’re doing right now is like a small encapsulated version of what these like, chronic illness communities do on a larger scale. And at a certain point, I just, like, have to detach myself because I’m like, everything will harm you.

Casandra 1:03:52
How about we talk about other headlines.

Casandra 1:03:58
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Um, I found some fun ones. So, I don’t remember exactly what she said. I’m sure anyone on Twitter saw, but Marjorie Taylor Greene was basically like “The country should get a divorce.” Like, in my mind is civil war. That’s a fun one.

Margaret 1:04:19
Yeah, and I, I like that one also, because it’s like people talk about like, red states, blue states, and people are like, “Oh, well, you know, Oklahoma is banning trans people. Fortunately, no trans people live there.” Like, that’s not fucking true. And like, and even from a like, Democrat–Republican binary, the difference between a red state and a blue state is usually about 60/40 one way or the other. Yeah, you know, and like, and that’s what people aren’t acknowledging. Well, there’s a million things people aren’t acknowledging.

Casandra 1:04:50
Sort of what she wanted, she wanted to…part of that comment she made was about proposing that if people move to a red state from a blue state, they should have a period where they can’t vote. which would in fact make it so that they were purely red states.

Margaret 1:05:05
That’s true. As a….I am not a Democrat, but I live in a red state and I am far worse than what they’re afraid of with the Democrats. Yeah. Okay, my fun headline. Are we just doing like one headline back and forth for a moment?

Casandra 1:05:23

Margaret 1:05:25
Massive floods and mudslides in Brazil killed 36 people leaving 800 people homeless, displacing thousands of people, hitting multiple cities. Just massive fuck off disaster that didn’t even make it to my social media headlines.

Casandra 1:05:41
That makes me want to message Mena.

Margaret 1:05:43
Yeah, not a bad idea to check in with her. Friends. I mean, sometimes it’s like, Brazil is a very large country, right, and so like, you know, like, if someone something happens in the Pacific Northwest, and someone, my friend from another country is like, “Are you okay?” Then again, I wouldn’t actually be sad at someone for checking in, even if something…whatever, anyway.

Casandra 1:06:09
Federal Emergency SNAP benefits are ending March 1. Thanks, Biden. Yeah, for some people, that means the difference between like, $270 a month and $20 a month. It’s like, a huge amount of money.

Brooke 1:06:24
Yeah, for me, it’s the difference between like, being able to just buy the foods I need and knowing there’s gonna be enough versus like, having to really pay attention and budget of things to make sure I don’t run out by the end of the month. Like it’s not it’s not even a huge amount of difference for me, but it’s enough of like the difference between having to pay close attention and just being able to just buy food like normal.

Casandra 1:06:49
Yeah. I’ve seen a few different posts by food pantry volunteers who are like, “It’s already like wild in food pantries. And it’s not even March 1 yet.”

Margaret 1:07:01
Floods in New Zealand killed for at least four people and displace 9000 people. All these headlines, it’s like things show up in the head in the news when it happens. And then like this one in New Zealand, it’s like, killed at least four people and there’s 1300 people unaccounted for. And that article is from a while ago and so I didn’t find an updated article. The fact that I didn’t find it updated article probably means that 1000 More people didn’t die, but was really fucking bad.

Brooke 1:07:32
And then there’s 9000 people that got displaced and you probably don’t know what happened to them and where they went.

Margaret 1:07:41
Are we still ping-ponging or should I just go with the rest of mine.

Casandra 1:07:45
Oh no, I’ll go Walgreens recently caved to Conservative pressure and agreed to stop selling Mifo…I get the full names of miso and mife confused but it’s one of them.

Margaret 1:07:59
One of the main abortion drugs.

Casandra 1:08:01
Yeah, in a pro choice state.

Margaret 1:08:06
Wow, in a pro choice? I didn’t.

Casandra 1:08:08
Oh, yes, it’s Kansas, which is a pro choice state, and the you know, in case you needed the added kicker, Mifo is also used for completing miscarriages, so people will not be able to access that drug if they have a miscarriage. At least not in Walgreens. So, you know, change pharmacies if you want.

Margaret 1:08:31
Legally Walgreens.

Brooke 1:08:34
In Minecraft.

Margaret 1:08:35
Ah, in Czarist Russia, that’s what I’m pushing for is the new ‘In Minecraft’. They cracked Minecraft. Now it’s all about Czarist Russia. Warming oceans are cutting into the world’s widest glacier. They’re cutting like big trenches from the bottom into the world’s widest glacier, the Thwaites, ultimately these melting glaciers over the next couple 100 years will likely raise global sea level by 10 feet.

Brooke 1:09:04
Is that an Antarctic glacier?

Margaret 1:09:07
I don’t know.

Casandra 1:09:12
I’m assured by a friend who’s like a right wing researcher, who isn’t right wing but does research into right wing hate groups, that this is probably going to be a non issue, but apparently and Idaho hate group on Telegram has been calling for an ‘Antisemitic Day of Hate,’ this Shabbat and I have friends in the areas where this is happening who have said that their synagogues are canceling services.

Margaret 1:09:37
That fucking bums me out. Economic Research firm Moody’s looked at US cities most at risk for combined heat, drought and sea level rise over the next 30 years,, basically like what US cities are going to be most impacted by climate change over the next couple of decades. And the losers are the Bay Area, a whole bunch of Florida, New York City, Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona, and Wilmington, Delaware.

Casandra 1:10:13
Wilmington, Delaware?

Margaret 1:10:16
I think a lot of Delaware isn’t very high isn’t very high above sea level.

Casandra 1:10:21
I see.

Brooke 1:10:22
I feel like New Orleans….

Margaret 1:10:23
There’s no…there’s no cities that anyone knows the name of in Delaware besides Wilmington. And I’m guessing neither of y’all I’ve heard of Wilmington, Delaware. Delaware is mostly known as…Like literally when I would go to Delaware as a kid, there was a magnet on the fridge that was “Delawhere?” with a little question mark. Oh, but then the safest. Okay, I’ve got like one more, two more. The safest places are pretty much the Midwest, like the Dakotas and shit, unless you’re trans. Anyway, but, but basically like a lot of actually Appalachia and the Midwest are safest from like, drought because of large reservoirs. And some other climate change and sea level rise because they’re away from the ocean. Indian scientists are sounding the alarm of the first heatwave of the year. It’s February. And last year, they kind of didn’t have a Spring. And it fucked up their wheat production. Wheat production was down 10% For that reason, or 11 million metric tons less than they normally produce, which caused them to ban export of wheat in order to not starve. But, this was bad timing, of course, because the Russia invading Ukraine, I mean, Russia stopping imperialism by invading another country.

Brooke 1:11:56
Shut up, you Tankie.

Margaret 1:11:58
Yeah, and so this is the second year in a row and the fact that extreme weather events, whatever we all know is climate change, but like, extreme weather events back to back are another major indicator of something. And it’s they’re expecting really bad heat waves this year.

Casandra 1:12:18
How long has it been since we weren’t actively having an extreme weather event somewhere? You know?

Margaret 1:12:23
I don’t fucking know. And then the only other headline I got is that a Nazi couple in Baltimore was arrested for plotting to attack power stations. They didn’t get very far along in their plans I think before they got caught by the Feds.

Casandra 1:12:40
Nazis really hate electricity.

Brooke 1:12:42

Casandra 1:12:45
I know that’s not the…

Margaret 1:12:47

Brooke 1:12:48
Just like….

Brooke 1:12:51

Casandra 1:12:56
Like, do they have…

Margaret 1:12:57
I turned 40, I’m allowed to now.

Brooke 1:13:00
That’s a real mom joke.

Casandra 1:13:01
Do they have their own like generators? Is that way they like, “Fuck the power station.”

Brooke 1:13:05

Casandra 1:13:06
I mean, I assume it’s an accelerationist thing but like, they probably need electricity too.

Margaret 1:13:12
Yeah, overall the vague idea is that they think that general…I don’t know about this couple. But the general idea behind Nazis attacking power stations is to cause enough instability to cause societal collapse, which they believe will trigger a race war because white people will all band together and kill all the nonwhite people, which no they’re not. I think people will band together and kill the Nazis when there’s no longer laws about murdering Nazis. Yeah, people get together with people that they….I mean okay like you you can see times like in New Orleans, some hate groups went around and shot black people in the wake of Katrina but….

Casandra 1:14:02
But then didn’t respond to that by being like, “Fuck you, hate group.”

Margaret 1:14:07
Yeah yeah a bunch of people with of all races with guns then shot at the people and scared them off. That is what will happen in the like weird…like even the fucking general center Right and even like the non Nazi Right…I don’t know maybe I’m being too optimistic, but like I don’t think they’re gonna get very far with this attack power stations to bring about the race war..I think it’s about as nonsensical as fucking Charles Manson and it’s like fucking helter skelter race war bullshit.

Casandra 1:14:38
I’m gonna bring it up, fuck it. I like how The Last of Us in the bill episode portrays this like, who I immediately thought was going to be this like Right wing asshole, you know, individualists like altering his ways. And whatever, Margaret and I have talked about this, how like, it could have been…it could have been cooler he could have like brought in a whole bunch of community and stuff but maybe he just brought in the people he had access to because he realized his way of doing things was not sustainable.

Margaret 1:15:21
We should have talked about this episode. Is prepper representation and culture had a really positive really positive if you watch The Last of Us if you haven’t watched The Last of Us Episode Three, could kind of stand alone as a mini movie if you skip the first like 5-10 minutes, and really positive representation of a classic prepper. And it is a classic prepper, a guy has a fucking Gadsden flag on his wall and lives in a bunker and like rules, and I fucking am so here for it. It’s not the way I would have prepped and it’s not the way I would have handled it because I would have built community, but I don’t know I mean, I would have built community and then still had my separate house where I hide from everyone

Casandra 1:16:09
To your previous point though, like even people who are maybe, let’s say he was a libertarian that’s what I think when I see Gadsen flag, people who maybe were more on the individualist spectrum when shit actually hits the fan, they tend to still act communally.

Margaret 1:16:26
Yeah. And that’s probably a good note to end on. Take care of each other. We can do this. All these Nazis bound to lose. I don’t know, Ukraine held on for a year and then like, even like, okay, like the trans shit, right? It’s like, they’re all like fucking coming really hard for us right now because we’re no longer closeted to the same degree, because we are like, actually, in so many ways better off than we were 10-15 years ago, So many more people have access to care. So many more people have access to like communities that respect their gender. We’ve made huge strides and it has scared the shit out of them. And that’s why they’re lashing out and it sucks. I don’t like being lashed out at. But yeah, how’s that for rousing that?

Casandra 1:17:18
That’s good.

Margaret 1:17:20
People roused? Not arroused. Regular roused.

Casandra 1:17:27
Who’s doing the outro?

Brooke 1:17:28
Me, which I was just trying to do with my song, but…

Casandra 1:17:31
Oh, good, good. Sorry.

Brooke 1:17:44
Thanks so much for listening to our speedy installment of This Month in the Apocalypse. We come at you as members of the Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness publishing collective, which produces two, soon to be three, other podcasts, create zines and publishes books. You can check out the great stuff on our website, Tangledwilderness.org. We’re also on some social media platforms somewhere where you can connect with us. And we are able to do all of these rad things because we are supported by an incredible variety of people on Patreon, which you can find at patreon.com/strangersinatangledwilderness. Our lovely patreon supporters at the $20 a month level get a special shout out at the end of every podcast because you are so very near and dear to us. We thank you. Jans, Hoss the dog, Mikayla, Chris, Sam, Kirk, Eleanor, Jenipher, Staro, Cat J and Chelsea. Dana, David, Nicole, Mikki, Paige, SJ, Shawn Hunter, Theo, Boise Mutual Aid, Milica, Paparouna and Aly. Thanks so much for listening.

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