S1E124 – Emmi & Monroe on Living & Fighting

Episode Summary

This week on Live Like the World is Dying, Inmn talks to Monroe and Emmi about the anarchist publication Living & Fighting and the importance of creating our own narratives around what happens in our lives, communities, and struggles.

Guest Info

Living & Fighting can be found at https://livingandfighting.net/ and on Twitter @sw_commune or IG @Living.Fighting

Host Info

Inmn can be found on Instagram @shadowtail.artificery

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This show is published by Strangers in A Tangled Wilderness. We can be found at www.tangledwilderness.org, or on Twitter @TangledWild and Instagram @Tangled_Wilderness. You can support the show on Patreon at www.patreon.com/strangersinatangledwilderness.