Live Like the World is Dying

your podcast for what feels like the end times

How do we live in a world that might be ending? By preparing to survive that end and by working to prevent it. Live Like the World is Dying features interviews with people who think about how to prepare for and survive crises. 

About the Host

Margaret Killjoy is an author, musician, crafter, and general jack of all trades. She has spent most of her adult life on the road, but is currently nestled into the Appalachian mountains. Politically, she is an anarchist: she believes that society would be better off without systems of hierarchy and oppression such as the state, capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy, and the like. She is a trans woman and her pronouns are she/her, but she also believes in the abolition of gendered language and has no problem with people using the singular “they” to refer to her.

Her email address is magpie@birdsbeforethestorm.net. She is @magpiekilljoy on twitter and she’s on facebook and instagram. You can support her work on this podcast and all her other projects on patreon.