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S1E19 – Moira on Know Your Rights

I talk with anti-authoritarian lawyer Moira Meltzer-Cohen about why you should shut up, how you should shut up, and if she has any other advice for encounters with law enforcement, like shutting up. We also talk about the stages of encounter with law enforcement, what encounters with the feds often look like, and how to get involved in supporting radical legal work.

S1E18 – The Basics, pt 1

I wax philosophical about the how and why of getting involved in prepping from a non-individualistic perspective, and answer social media questions about food, water, community care, and the philosophy of anarchist/leftist prepping.

S1E17 – A Brief Followup on Firearms

I answer feedback about the previous episode on firearms.

S1E16 – Ronin on Introduction to Firearms

I talk with a queer POC firearms instructor Ronin about how to get started with guns, especially when the culture around guns has never been welcoming to you.

S1E15 – Hań and Eepa on indigenous prepping and field skills

I talk with Hań and Eepa from the Indigenous Anarchist Federation about indigenous approaches to preparation and mutual aid, about non-extractive and non-colonial relationships with the land from a survival point of view, and we get into some fun nitty gritty about field skills.

S1E14 – Janet and Dave on Herbalism for Preparedness

I talk with Janet and Dave, two herbalism teachers in Appalachia, about the role of herbalism in preparedness, about how to think about health holistically, and about the relationship between herbalism, colonization and appropriation.

S1E13 – Robert Evans on another US Civil War

I talk with journalist Robert Evans, host of Behind the Bastards, It Could Happen Here, The Women’s War, and Worst Year Ever, about what could happen with another civil war in the USA, plus how we find ourselves and each other through protest and direct action.

S1E12 – Kitty Stryker on Disability and Prepping

I talk with Kitty Stryker, author, anarchist activist, queer femme, Juggalo ethnographer and leftist doomsday prepper located in the San Francisco Bay Area, about disability and prepping.

S1E11 – Mixæl Laufer on open source medical chemistry

I talk with biohacker Mixæl Laufer about open-source medical chemistry, including the epi-pencil, naloxone, abortificants, insulin, hormones, and thyroid as well as how to enable DIY access to medicine and what it would mean to live in a world in which access to life-saving and life-improving medicine is actually accessible.

S1E10 – Paul on Body Armor

I talk with Paul, an experienced combat medic, about bulletproof vests and plate carriers for demonstrators.